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REAN Now: why is the President in China? LEVY Trade Re1ations. BREAN You're goddamn right. And it's got nothing to do with the B-2 Bomber. (PAUSE) LEVY There is no B-2 Bomber, BREAN That's what I'm telling you.

REAN And, to hold it together, I need two days. There is no B-2 Bomber: here's what you do ahout that: whoever is leaking stuff to that geek at the Post, lets it slip, "Geez, I hope this doesn't screw up the B-2 Program..." "What B-2 Program, and why should it screw it up?" "If the president moves to deploy the B-2 before it is fully tested." "Deploy the B-2, Why?" "In the Crisis." AMES What crisis? BREAN I'm working on it.

Aπο το "Wag the Dog". Κλικ εδώ για ελληνική μετάφραση


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